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Development is what success is based upon.

Our enterprise – “Ural Spring Plant” LLC – has worked its way of formation as a specialized production of a unique range of hot and cold formed springs within the short time. Dynamic development, policy of purchasing and assimilation of advance plant facilities, application of the latest technologies allowed us to become leaders at the Russian market by sales of hot and cold formed compression, tension and torsion springs, as well as cylindrical coil springs for rail freight cars, and railway accessory equipment. During this period we have managed to create a state-of-the-art production of springs along with a credit of a reliable supplier. Within the short period of time we have developed a wide range of springs for mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical power, and car-building industries.

From the very beginning, by studying the market and a demand, our specialists have been focusing on a release of high-demand products of a good quality. If our first purchasers had been local enterprisers engaged in auto service, then today the geography of our supplies has crossed the boundaries of the Russian Federation and for the moment we are cooperating with heavy customers at the foreign market of both Europe and Asian region.

As time showed, we had chosen the right policy of purchasing of up-to-date equipment and assimilation of the most marketable products. Our specialists not only used the existing equipment with masterly skills but also approached the production process creatively using their professional excellence and proposing technical improvements. Here a close collaboration with customers has helped us a lot, focusing on their requirements and desires, we produce batches of test springs in order to satisfy customer requests to the full extent. Having begun with the production of cold-formed springs, at the same time we have studied the method of hot coiling. A new stage of development began at 2011 with the installation of a cylindrical coil spring production line for railway rolling equipment. At 2012 we received a permission to use a conformity mark of a certification system on the Federal Railway Transport on the basis of a received product conformity certificate. Since that time, the production volume and the range of products have increased multiple times.

An important aspect of “Ural Spring Plant” LLC development is a striving to satisfy a Customer. Due to this fact, our activity is aimed at the increase in labor productivity, decrease of product cost, reduction of delivery time, decrease of other expenses and loss of production. For this reason the enterprise is mastering up-to-date management technologies, such as “Lean Production”, which includes such concepts as “value” and “pull flow”,"Just-in-Time", Kanban, Kaizen, TQM, 5S.

“Ural Spring Plant” LLC has certificates issued by a French company UTAC of conformity of the enterprise QMS to international standards ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements” and ISO/TS 16949:2009 «Quality Management Systems - Particular requirements for the application of ISO 9001:2008 for automotive production and relevant service part organizations”

Quality of our products is confirmed by regular audit checks of our main customers, as well as by appropriate certificates.

Investments to production will be continued. Installation of new equipment allows expanding the range of products, increasing quality and providing growing demand for our products. This is how we clearly see perspectives for our growth and development.

Today more than 300 people are engaged at our enterprise. Not only customers’ recommendations count in favor of “Ural Spring Plant”, but also opinions of our employees, who, in their own words, feel stable and confident about their future, and also proud of their fast developing enterprise. Young people eagerly take mortgage loans. It’s easy to understand their enthusiasm: measures being taken for the improvement of a corporate culture, provision of amenities, availability of social programs, stable salaries and wages make the job at the enterprise attractive for highly skilled specialists.

Progress achieved put heavy responsibility on us for the development of strategic projects: the enterprise is constantly altering, being restructured in order to respond to market requirements, because it is possible to ensure stability, success and future prosperity only by steady development.

1. To extend the range of products and services as well as to arrange the production of springs for Russian Railway equipment.
2. To extend sales market of goods and services.
3. To increase competitiveness of produced products and provided services.
4. To ensure quality of products and services in accordance with requirements and expectations of customers.
5. To master new lines of business.

Strategy for achieving goals:
• Analysis and constant improving of quality management system.
• Meeting requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008, requirements of legislative documents.
• Regular survey of customers needs and requests for their satisfaction to the full extent.
• Training and professional development of “Ural Spring Plant” Ltd. personnel.
• Development and adoption of innovative technologies in the production field.
• Modernization of existing equipment and implementation of a new one for the production of springs of different applications.
• Moving from troubleshooting to preventive actions.
• Progress in personnel motivation.

The leadership of “Ural Spring Plant” Ltd. takes all responsibility for implementation of this quality policy, for its supporting at all levels and for steady increase of effectiveness of quality management system.