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There's no such a thing as someone else's pain

There's no such a thing as someone else's pain

4 September 2018

Not to ignore someone else's pain, especially if it concerns a child, is one of the principles of "Ural Spring Plant" LLC that tries to give an active support in such cases. There are already many cases when the enterprise renders targeted financial assistance for curing of small wards of a charity fund "Izgelek" and other organizations. And one more morning has begun with good news from Timur Musin, a small boy who needs special nutrition due to his disease. And Ural Spring Plant represented by his General Director, Denis Lukmanov, has helped Timur once again.

The fund's leadership and parents have sent a small letter which began with the words "Cordial thanks..."

- Of course, pleasant words warm heart but the best reward for the care and assistance will be the child's health, - the General Director said.